Within the project, in addition to a large number of presentations, materials related to project activities and the strengthening of entrepreneurial competencies are available to the participants. 

Participants have the opportunity to learn more about innovations in the field of agriculture in the material “ICT and innovations in the development of agribusiness” prepared by Alma Šećerbegović (download here). 

Information about what is needed for personal development and work in agribusiness, and which competencies are important for young people, was prepared by Marko Stojanović and Jelena Nastić Stojanović in the material “Entrepreneurial competencies in education and training” (download here). 

Prof. Dr. Tamara Stojanović prepared a material for the participants entitled “Forms of entrepreneurial organization and financial aspects of agribusiness management”, in which you can find all the necessary information related to starting and running your own business (download here). 

The specifics of the preparation and implementation of the project are discussed in the material entitled “Project cycle in the development of agriculture and agribusiness” prepared by Marko Stojanović and Jelena Nastić Stojanović (download here). We hope that the materials will be useful not only to young agripreneurs, but also to other individuals interested in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

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