In the River Hotel, Bijeljina in the period 28-30 November 2022. the first workshop was held for young agronomists, beneficiaries of the “Agripreneur” project. During the three-day workshop, 12 lecturers presented their experience, knowledge and skills in the field of project management, marketing in agriculture, the use of ICT in agriculture, work in multinational companies, public relations and other topics important for the personal and professional development of young agronomists.

During the workshop, interactive exercises and group work were held, so 10 groups were formed that will work together on 10 different project ideas with the help of mentors until the next meeting in Mostar. In addition to the lectures and work on the assigned problems, the participants had the opportunity to visit Pajić Winery in Gornji Bukvik – Brčko, where they tasted young wine and chees and learned about the technological process of wine production, pruning and vineyard maintenance, etc. In addition to the Pajić Winery, a professional excursion was also organized at the Fruit Prom d.o.o. nursery. in Čelić, where the participants learned about production technology of frozen strawberry seedlings, and the visit was also organized at PG Nikola Stajić Velika Obarska, producer of cabbage “From the heart of Semberija”, where the visitors had the opportunity to taste cabbage and learn about the production technology .

Executives of Fruit Prom d.o.o. and PG Nikola Stajić were also participants in the “Agripreneur” project, while the “Pajić” winery is a friend of the project.

The next workshop will be held in Mostar, in the period April 24-28, 2023. year, and the participants will be informed about the details in a timely manner.

We would like to thank all participants in the project, the lecturers and the staff of the River Hotel for a nice and useful meeting, the company “Rapic-Farmofit” and the winery “Pajić” for their support, and the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina for their trust.

See you in Mostar!

“Agripreneur” project team

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