Tamara is assistant professor employed at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before started to teach at the university, she was involved in the auditing of financial statements, company valuations, accounting, financial and other consulting work, mainly in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in Serbia. She participated in several projects financed by the World Bank and the European Commission. After attaining her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Economics, Banjaluka, Tamara was employed as a junior auditor in the auditing company "BLC EXCEL" Representing Arthur Andersen in the Republic of Srpska, where she participated in a large number of audits of financial statements, several due diligence projects and the project of assessing fixed assets value of Elektropriveda RS. Afterwards, she moved to the Economic Institute, Banjaluka, where she worked as an auditor and consultant. She was involved in number of assets and capital valuation projects, financial statement audits and one significant World Bank project entitled "Social assessment of electricity consumers and assessment of their protection methods". After that, together with the Economic Institute, she founded her own auditing and consulting firm, where she performed the duties of company director, auditing manager and consultant. During this period, she was engaged, as a domestic expert for finance and accounting, in the project entitled: "Technical support to Elektroprenos BiH", financed by the EC. During ten years of work, mainly as an auditor of financial statements, she completed her postgraduate studies and doctorate. Upon receiving her PhD degree, she was employed as an assistant professor, first at the University of Business Studies, Banja Luka, and then at the University of Banja Luka (Faculty of Agriculture). She has been teaching courses in accounting, auditing, and business finance. Also, she has been engaged as a lecturer in the training of internal auditors, organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the educator at the Financial Academy for NGOs. She has published two monographs and many professional and scientific papers in the field of internal auditing, internal controls, good corporate governance, and financial analysis, and she has been engaged in two projects financed by EC (VIRAL and SMARTWATER).